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                                By-Laws of the Chatham Democratic
                                Town Committee
                                Article I -- Name
                                The organization shall be known as the Chatham
                                Democratic Town Committee herein after referred to
                                as the Committee.
                                Article II -- Purposes
                                This Committee is organized and constituted
                                under the authority of, and in accordance with,
                                the provisions of the General Laws of the
                                Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and shall have as
                                its purposes the following: to foster and
                                advance the ideals and aims of the Democratic
                                Party; to work and organize for the success of 
                                Democratic candidates of the town, county, state
                                and nation; to do all things necessary and
                                incidental to building and strengthening the
                                Democratic Party in Massachusetts within
                                Barnstable County and, more particularly, in the
                                Town the of Chatham.
                                Article III -- Membership
                                1. The Committee shall  consist of no more                                                   than 35 people who are registered
                                as Democrats and can vote in the Town
                                of Chatham. They will be elected on the
                                Presidential Primary ballot for a period of 4
                                            In order to have one's name on the
                                ballot for election to the Committee, he/she
                                must sign a consent form for nomination.  The
                                Chair will make a public announcement regarding
                                the availability of these forms. The Committee
                                may also include those elected to membership by
                                the Committee between the four year election
                                cycle to fill Committee vacancies.
                                2. The Committee, following the election of its
                                members, shall meet, organize and chose a Chair,
                                Vice Chair of the opposite sex, a Secretary and
                                3.  The Committee may, by a vote at any meeting,
                                authorize the appointment of associate members.
                                Associate members shall not have the right to
                                vote but shall have such other powers and duties
                                as the Committee may determine.
                                4. Any duly elected member of the Committee who
                                changes permanent residence from the Town of
                                Chatham during the said 4 years shall cease to
                                be a member of the Committee at that time.
                                5. Vacancies shall be filled by a vote of the
                                Committee. Associate members, if any, shall be
                                the candidates first considered when filling
                                6. Any member of the Committee who has served
                                as such for 20 or more years continues to be a
                                voting member of the Committee but his/her
                                position is vacated and,
                                hence, open to a new aspirant to membership on
                                the Committee.
                                Article IV -- Officers
                                1. The officers of the Committee shall consist of
                                 a Chair and Vice Chair of the opposite sex, a Secretary and
                                Treasurer. These officers shall serve for a term
                                of 4 years.
                                2. In the event of death, resignation, or
                                removal of any of these officers, their position
                                will  be declared vacant and filled at the next
                                scheduled meeting of the Committee. A statement 
                                of such changes in officers are to be
                                sent immediately by the Committee's
                                Secretary to the Secretary of the Commonwealth
                                of Massachusetts, the Secretary of the
                                Democratic State Committee and the Chatham Town
                                Article V -- Duties of the Officers
                                1. Chair: The Chair shall, in addition to the
                                duties required by law, preside at all meetings
                                of the Committee and shall have general charge
                                and supervision of all Committee activities.
                                He/she shall have the power to appoint all
                                standing and special committees as are
                                created from time to time. He/she shall have the
                                power to call special meetings and all regular
                                meetings as deemed advisable.
                                            The Chair will notify each Committee
                                member the date, time and place of the next
                                meeting as well as the agenda several days
                                before the scheduled meeting date.
                                            Within 10 days  after the
                                Committee's organizational meeting, the Chair
                                shall file with the Secretary of the
                                Commonwealth, the Secretary of the Democratic
                                State Committee and Chatham Town Clerk, a list
                                of the officers and members of the Committee.
                                The Chair shall file with the same officials a
                                statement of changes in the organization or
                                membership whenever they occur.
                                2. Vice Chair: The Vice Chair shall preside at
                                all meetings of the Committee in the absence of
                                the Chair. He/she shall perform all duties and
                                have the powers of the Chair in case of his/her
                                temporary absence.
                                3. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep a record
                                of all proceedings of the Committee.
                                4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have custody
                                of all funds belonging to the Committee. He/she
                                shall pay all bills subject to the Chair's
                                approval. He/she shall submit a report of the
                                Committee's financial condition and transactions
                                at all regularly   scheduled meetings.
                                Additionally, the Treasurer will file periodic
                                reports as required with appropriate state and
                                local offices with regards to income and
                                Article VI -- Quorum
                                Two officers plus one-fifth of the voting
                                members of the Committee shall constitute a
                                quorum for the transaction of business. 
                                Article VII -- Changes in the By-Laws
                                These By-Laws may be amended at any regularly
                                called meeting of elected members of the
                                Committee provided the proposed change(s)  is in
                                writing, signed by the elected Committee member
                                proposing it, and in the hands of the Chair 6
                                weeks before the meeting at which such a
                                proposal is to be acted upon. The proposed
                                change(s) must be sent to all Committee members
                                at least 30 days before the meeting. By-Laws can
                                be changed by a majority vote of the Committee
                                members present.
                                Unless, and until amended, by elected members of
                                the Committee, these By-Laws shall continue in
                                effect from year to year.
                                 No formal motion is required in order to
                                have them continue in force.                          
                                Article VIII-- Meetings
                                Meetings shall be open to the public and
                                regularly scheduled.
                                Article IX -- Removal of Local Members
                                Members and officers pledge themselves, as
                                elected officials, to perform diligently and
                                honorably their duties or resign. Members of the
                                Committee may be removed by procedures
                                guaranteeing adequate notice, due process and by
                                a majority of the elected members present and voting for
                                adequate cause such as but not limited to:
                                1. Failure to attend at least half of the
                                regularly scheduled Committee meetings during
                                any calendar year.
                                2. Publicly supporting or financially
                                contributing to the opponent of a Democratic
                                nominee if the party nominee publicly supports
                                the Democratic platforms adopted at the most
                                recent state and national Democratic conventions.
                                3.Unauthorized use of the Party name or
                                4. Conviction, after appeals are exhausted, of a
                                criminal offense.
                                A member shall be given the opportunity to
                                resign before notice of the hearing on the
                                question of removal is given to members of the
                                A member removed under this section shall have
                                30 days to appeal to the State Committee
                                Judicial Council. The vacancy may not be filled
                                until the final decision of the Judicial Council
                                is made.
                                Article X -- Personal Liability
                                The officers and members of the Committee shall
                                not be personally liable for any debt, liability
                                or obligation of the Committee.
                                 All persons extending credit to,
                                contracting with or having any claim against the
                                Committee may look only to the funds and
                                property of the Committee for payment of any
                                such contract or claim, or for the payment of
                                any debt, damages, judgment or money that may
                                otherwise become due and payable to them from
                                the Committee.










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